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Healthy Relationships are Possible. Relationships are the very essence of our being. From the moment we take our first breath, to the second we breathe our last, our lives are spent pursuing the security, fulfillment and passion that comes from a deeply held connection with one another.


Intimate relationships are the stuff dreams are made of. In today's chaotic world of instant gratification and floundering commitment, however, healthy relationships are becoming extremely difficult to develop and maintain. Our culture is losing its belief in the institution of marriage and its value for waiting for something good. Personal power and self-regulation skills are essential to be able to make healthy and intentional decisions.

WAIT Training resources are data driven and are developed with the best of what science has to offer regarding what makes relationships work and what makes them fail. It is our hope that we can ignite change and revolutionize relationships through our trainings, seminars, speakers and resources.

Our Kingdom based workshops, mentoring and coaching are located in Colorado, but we are available to travel to other states upon request. We accept Love Offerings for our services.


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Love Tips


"Love is work. It's good work, if you can get it. But it's work, nevertheless.'' (Benjamin Cleaver) What’s the first work project that you and your spouse took on together – painting a room, washing the car, repairing a window, learning better communication skills.