Love Tips


To make your relationships work – Practice the 4 C’s 


  1. Christ: What would Jesus do? If you are a believer, you should treat everyone as God’s children and a blessing not a curse.  
  2. Control: When dealing with your spouse or anyone exercise control in your behavior, speech, tone and response. 
  3. Communication: Communication can be learned. Skills such as active listening, using “I” statements, paying attention to your feelings and those of your spouse, and learning tips for “fighting fair” make relationships easier. 
  4. Collaborate: ALL situations require some form of collaboration. You do not need to nor should you expect to win every disagreement. If you feel strongly about something let the other person know how important it is to you.

Healthy Marriage Habits to Practice (Pick 2 or 3 from each area to work on for the Next (21 Days) 


Him for Her 

1) Open her car door. 

2) Help her with some form of housework. 

3) Do some activity with children to give her some alone time. 

4) Find her Love Language and do something for her that relates to it. 

5) Give her shoulder or backrub.

6) Skip Valentine's Day and buy her flowers and send them to her job, just because. 

Her for Him 

1) Communicate any concerns positively without attitude or drama. 

2) Find his Love Language and do something for him that relates to it. 

3) Sleep in sexy night attire. Just say NO to flannel. 

4) Give him a shoulder or back rub. 

5) Find creative ways to be more Flirtatious and/or Attractive 

For each other 

1) Take showers together. 

2) Hug & Kiss each other when entering or leaving the home. 

3) Read a good book TOGETHER. 

4) Plan to make love more often. 

5) Spend 30 minutes a day, 15 minutes each, to talk and communicate. 

6) Do some type of physical activity TOGETHER. Walk, Run, Workout, etc.

Love Tips


  1. Pretend you're a tourist in your own town. Visit a museum, the zoo, a quaint neighborhood, or whatever is special about your hometown.