About Us

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IAM Love Builders is a company formed by Casper & Cheryl Stockham, located in beautiful Denver CO, to work as workshop facilitators and coaches. Casper and Cheryl are trained leaders in "PREP" and "With In Our Reach" workshops. 


We have a passion to help and encourage married couples and singles with their relationship challenges. We do this through our MVP Club calls, Podcasts, Workshops, Retreats, TV shows, Website and Social Media pages. We are available for online or offline mentoring as well.


Our goal is to provide the best possible podcasts, facilitation and counseling ensuring people of all faiths and position achieve healthy relationships built upon love. We will expand teaching courses and establishing workshops and retreats for married couples and singles throughout the world". 


Casper Stockham - Casper served in the Us Air Force for 14 years as a weapons and communication specialist. For over 30 years he has worked in the Marketing and Direct Sales industry conducting personal and professional development seminars and training. For over 20 years he worked as a corporate trainer conducting hardware and software workshops in over 5 countries around the world. Casper also speaks conversational French.


Cheryl Stockham - Cheryl has 30 years of administration, customer service, sales training, human resources and management experience. Cheryl has 15 plus years of Direct Sales and marketing experience. Cheryl has developed sales and marketing presentations and training curriculum and has conducted many hours of classroom and board room training. 


Cheryl began her training in prophetic ministry and was ordained April 2004. Cheryl is a former member and secretary of the Board of Overseers for Global Change Network, U.S.A. She is coordinator for the Prophets group at her church and facilitates a care group of prophets.