1. A lot of the training and workshops we provide are FREE to the public. However, if this site, our training or our counseling has been a blessing to you please bless us with a love offering so we can continue to be a blessing to other couples and families around the world.

    1. Some of the many activities and areas we cover:

      1. Podcasts, workshops and Relationship education for every stage of life, including abstinence, pre-marital and marriage education. Effective communication, work as a team to solve problems, manage conflicts without damaging closeness, and preserve and enhance commitment and friendship.

        1. We teach people how to keep their LOVE BANK full and over flowing. 

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Love Tips

  1. Being a faithful spouse means more than just not having a sexual affair. It also includes saying “No” to other temptations that compete with your spouse for attention. Does work, TV, the Internet, children, hobbies, or housekeeping steal time from your relationship?